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Size: 72x24x42 with 36x24x36 side extension


Note:  When ordering, please indicate where you'd like the side extension of the bar to be from the perspective of the bartender behind the bar.


Available colors:

Weathered Gray


Below are the custom additions and options available for this model.
These can be added to your order through the accessories and additions catalog page.


Polyurethane gloss/satin applied to bar top exterior: $225
Convert bar to flat exterior panels: $0
Under counter LED lighting: $60
Cabinet doors over main shelving area: $100
Mitered corners on front corners of bar’s counter top: $100
Corrugated metal inlays on exterior panels: $550
Faux exteriors: $400
(Available in white beaded, faux stone, faux barnwood)

Single port chrome keg tap: $175
Dual port chrome keg tap: $275
Stainless steel drip plate: $100
Drill keg tap 2” hole: $0

6 foot 'L' shaped bar with 2 level counter & shelving & appliance space